Pool Services

Because your family
deserves clear blue water.

Green Pool Clean Up

Our experienced staff can easily handle:

Green pools can cause health hazards for swimmers and residents by harboring bacteria and allowing the spread of mosquitoes. Allow us to do the dirty work and change the condition of your green pool into something more desirable.

Save time and money while eliminating algae from your pool with green pool cleaning. We’ll get your pool water clean and healthy again in no time!

Seasonal Opening and Closing Service

Make sure your pool is always ready for whatever season is coming!

We’ll ensure your pool is fully prepared to be enjoyed by your family and friends all summer long. Allowing a professional to complete this service means you have the peace of mind of knowing everything is done correctly to help preserve the lifespan of your equipment.

Our team will provide everything you need to prepare your pool for winter or summer.


One Time Pool Service

Give your pool the extra attention it needs.

A one-time clean up is perfect to get your pool ready for any special occasion. Ideal if there are some dust and debris in the pool that needs to be cleaned out.

Depending on the condition of your pool, your one-time clean may be completed in a day or it may require several visits to get things back in shape. Whatever your needs may be, our professional pool maintenance technicians utilise proven techniques to get things turned around quickly and effectively. This lets you and your family get back to what matters most…enjoying your pool!


Regular Monthly Pool Servicing

Failing to perform consistent pool maintenance can mean more than just a dirty pool; it also leads to safety concerns. Incorrectly balancing your pool chemicals can lead to illness or injury.

The experts at Cherratta Facilities Management can help you avoid this. We provide high-quality service and information on regular pool maintenance. People, beloved pets, foliage, and other natural conditions surrounding the pool can introduce germs and bacteria. The right service will help ensure that viruses and bacteria are destroyed, leaving you with a sparkling and healthy pool.